Teen CORE of Cary

Teen CORE of Cary

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Project Donations and Information

1. Project Linus Make a Blanket Day 2016 Flyer

    Read about 2016 Make a Blanket Day!

2. Project Linus No Sew Fleece Blanket Instructions

    Detailed instructions for making blankets for Project Linus.

3. BackPack Buddies Food List

    Please select several items from this list. Purchase in multipacks if possible. 

    Estimated cost: $5 per person

4. Ronald McDonald House Wish List

    Donate an item or two from the list to add to your pop tab collection.

5. Miracle League Buddy Tips

    Miracle League asks that each volunteer review these Buddy Tips prior to coming to the project.           This also includes the address and directions to the field.

    You must also print the Single Day Buddy Registration Form and complete it to take to the project.